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A Picnic in Forsyth Park

Three Gorgeous Generations

These fabulous ladies are not only sweet and a lot of fun but their images represent three generations of family here!

These family bonds are strong and may I also say gorgeous! Look at these ladies! They radiate beauty!

They all came together from hours away and from other states to enjoy some girl time together in the park.

I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies when they booked a Picnic in the Park Photo Session.

The Session included some delicious food from Chatham Charcuterie. They make the most beautiful charcuterie boxes! They are perfect for any event.

These classy ladies enjoyed their picnic, and made picnicking in park look so good!

Even though this was a girls party there was a sweet husband, proud dad, son and brother in law off to the side beaming with pride. He kindly helped all the ladies get all set up and even snuck into a few photos.

I literally could of photographed these ladies all day! They were so sweet, so kind and so much fun!

While photographing I found out about an exciting little surprise! Can anyone guess what it is?

In the images I can see love, connection, pride, family, loyalty, and laughter! I can sense they are proud of each other, support each other, and have fun together.

I am so glad I had a chance to meet them and capture these moments in Savannah Georgia's famous Forsyth Park!

This is what three generations of classy and cool look like!


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