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Arnold and Dania

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The very best part of my job is that I have the immense privilege of photographing life's biggest miracle! When love turns into life!

People ask me all the time what my favorite thing to photograph is and my answer is always the same … 'My Clients'!

However I do have a soft spot for Maternity Sessions!

Maternity Sessions are full of love and connection, both between Mom and Dad, between them and the Baby, and of course between Mom and Baby!

I also find that expecting mamas are absolutely stunning! This mama was no exception!

Look at her! That is more than pregnancy glow there. That is true beauty and true love coming out of these images!

I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Dania when I ran a special giveaway and she was the random winner!

We zoomed together months ago to talk and plan her session. I remember when I first meet her it was before she even knew if she was carrying a little boy or little girl, and before there was a name attached to their upcoming bundle!

I have been counting the days with her until this Savannah Maternity Session!

I was thrilled to learn how they are expecting a sweet baby boy and that they had picked a name. One they told me they both picked out together and is not only a name they love, but a name that is special and full of meaning. And one day when they explain to Sylas Edison about his name I know it will be meaningful to him too.

They had two outfit selections that looked stunning on them! One outfit was blue in honor of their upcoming little boy! The baby blue was a perfect choice for a Savannah Georgia backdrop!

I really enjoyed spending time with this mom and dad to be and getting to know them a little.

A Forsyth Park Session means all the classic and iconic sights and spots, and lots of natural beauty. From the Fragrant Garden to the Famous Fountain and all the Spanish Moss and benches in between! But a Forsyth Park Session also includes some walking. This is where I get to chat with my clients!

These two are so sweet and you can tell they truly love and care about each other. One of my favorite things I saw was how dad helped mom with her things, her shoes and was just so attentive! What a good hubby! And what a good dad he is going to be!

Their little boy I can tell will surrounded by love as soon as he is welcomed into the world!

I can't wait to see who he looks like, Mama? Daddy? A mix of both! These two make a gorgeous couple so their baby boy will be a looker for sure!

Maternity sessions are so special because these moments of life's miracle only last for so long, but the images live on forever!

I hope one day baby boy will look at these images and see how much his parents loved each other and how much they already loved him!

This family is made up of 2 humans and some puppies! (Dad paid tribute to their pups with his socks!!!) Soon they will be growing and I wish them the very best as they both become amazing parents!

Congratulation Arnold & Dania!


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