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David & Jessica

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Have you ever felt that all the elements in the universe have teamed up against you?

Well let me tell you, this resilient couple could claim that! However, they refused to give up and let circumstances get the best of them!

David and Jessica are not Savannah locals, but they have a deep love for our Southern City! In fact they love Savannah so much they planned their wedding here!

Their wedding was planned for 2021...but can anyone can guess what happened?

That's right you guessed it. Covid fully interrupted all their plans. Much to their disappointment their dream of a Savannah spring wedding was no longer going to be a reality.

Did that stop them from getting married? Nope! They pivoted and were able to have a beautiful ceremony where they live.

However where they live there are no warm winter days like we have here in Savannah! It actually feels like winter there. What did that mean for them, especially for her as the bride?

It meant her beautiful, strapless wedding dress she already had bought, and was imagining her day in, was also no longer going to be a reality! The poor thing! Yet again she pivoted and bought another beautiful dress for what was her now winter wedding.

However, those dreams of a Savannah wedding in her original dress didn't just disappear! So again they pivoted!

They hired a photographer to take wedding portraits in the place they always envisioned and in the dress she picked out!

They made the trip down to Savannah as newlyweds with a wedding dress and suit in tow.

Then their photographer had an emergency and was no longer available!

This is where I come in and how I got the privilege of meeting this amazing couple!

After hearing their story there was no way I couldn't help! They deserved this photo shoot!

The place they dreamed of was the gorgeous, dreamy Historic Wormsloe in Savannah Georgia. A perfect backdrop for wedding images!

However, the weather decided to throw a curve ball. They had one day for photos and on that day it didn't rain, it poured!

Yes it poured! This poor couple! I told you the universe wasn't giving them a break!

I was watching the minute by minute radar, and tracking everything carefully but the ever changing radar was looking more and more like a puzzle of what to do! We pushed the session back a little and waited. I drove around Wormsloe looking at the massive puddles and trying to find any spots that could work.

Well in the end I discovered that it was equally wet everywhere. The radar said we had 15-20 minute window! However that window kept changing. As a local I knew we had to wait until it let up some and then just go for it! There was no rain date available due to the site being closed the next day, so we were in this together!

They decided to make the make the best of things and they totally rocked their rainy Wormsloe wedding session!

If you ask me though, any couple who can dance in the rain and have fun in the humid air between thunderstorms is going to make it! Like I said they are resilient!

They are so clearly in love and have an amazing spirit! They seem to love having fun together and I hope they continue laughing and smiling together forever!

I hope their images will always remind them of not just their wedding story but their amazing ability to overcome and still laugh together! Despite the rain these two were radiant and their love came through the camera! And Wormsloe's beauty didn't disappoint, even in the rain! These two were so much fun and I wish them all the best!

Congratulations David & Jessica!


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