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Everyday Perspective

Day 182

A New Month!

Half Way Through the Year!!!

Its been a fun adventure but a tough one! With spring and summer sessions picking up remembering to take time to photo everyday when I have zoom meetings, emailing, and editing to do has left me a few days using my cell phone to take behind the scene photos, or needed work social media posts and counting it as my photo of the day! However the sessions picking up also means I am behind the camera more too! My session days are the easy days to get my daily photo time in! For work I also take photos of mini session set ups, what I am currently working on, uploading or sneak peeks. Those days I double my work photos as my daily photos and its helps! But some days I really have to take the time and stretch the mind! It has been helpful in keeping the creative juices flowing! Some days the images aren't great or even good but its an exercise that keeps my mind muscles working!

I have learned a lot about myself in these 6 months working on this daily photo challenge. I used to think I was addicted to unless time in the woods with my camera, which I do enjoy! However I I think I have a new found love for street photography! Can you tell from this past months posts? I think I could spend all day everyday doing nothing else but wandering the streets! My love of finding overlooked everyday things is heighted in the streets and my eye is overwhelmed at times but what I can create!

I love stumbling across other photographers at work when wandering the streets! When turning a corner I saw this gem!

It makes me incredibly happy to see another photographer capturing someone's special moments!


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