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Everyday Perspective

Day 229

Which one?

Who knows how I create Black and White Images?

Did you know its NOT by clicking a Black and White button or using a filter? Yes there are Black and White editing options in professional editing programs like Photoshop and Lightroom however I do not use them. I do use professional editing software however I do not use built in presets. I do not use them for creating Black and White images or any image.

For each image I decide to convert, whether its my street photography or a clients gallery I hand edit. I start by desaturating the image. Quite literally I pull all the color out one color at a time! After that comes the fun part! Each image has its own feel and not all images should be in Black and White. If I choose to convert an image after the color is pulled out I play with contrast and the amount of black in image and the amount of light. Eventually I have a final Image like you see below.


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