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Everyday Perspective

Well here we are - Day 365 of my daily photo project! I can't believe it! Some days it felt like the year would never end and other days it felt like I needed and wanted more days and more time!

I was so busy with client sessions these past few weeks that decided to wait until today to post all my November and December images and at the same time say farewell to this adventure.

November was very busy so I took a lot of photos without even needing to try for the day! I am still catching up on blogging my beautiful clients' sessions so keep an eye out for them!

Here are my personal daily images from November -

And here are the December Images -

And that is a wrap on 2021 and my daily photo project! Not one day went by this year where I didn't take a photo! (maybe one but I tried to not let that happen!)

Looking back on the Photos from this year they aren't all great or perfect, but I did it! And I learned a lot and it helped me grow.

Over 50 images from my project have been published this year and several have been featured on various social media platforms. One image from November was recently chosen for publication and I figure that's a pretty good way to wrap up the project!

I also will be posting a few of these December images on my Instagram so stay tuned.

Just because my 365 project is over doesn't mean my blog posts will go away! I have several sessions already scheduled out for my blog as well as many different blog topics in the works! So please don't go too far! In fact, if there something you have a question about or want to see more of leave me a comment! I will take your questions or ideas and just maybe make them into a blog post!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came on here and read my posts, liked my images, left me comments, and supported me! I can't wait to start blogging again in 2022 with all new themes!


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