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Everyday Perspective

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Day 31

One month done! 11 months or 334 days to go!

At the close of this first month I have some exciting news to share with everyone!

During this past month, 4 of these blog images have been published in 2 magazine issues! This Image I am posting today is one example!

If you are curious about which other images have been published, take a peek back to day 4, day 12, and day 30!

As a way to celebrate 1 month down and 4 published images I have come up with a little contest for everyone!

Can anyone guess what this image is?? ?? ?? What do you see?? ?? ??

What was photographed?? ?? ?? Be specific!! !! !!

Only one guess per person please.

The person who guesses correctly or closest will win a prize!! Winner can chose either a printed or digital copy of their favorite blog image or $20 off their next photo session with By Bonnie Photography!

So look close, tag your friends, and play along! You have until February 15th to get those guesses in! Winner will be announced February 21st!

Comment below or on my Facebook page or email me your guess at

Have fun! I can't wait to hear your guesses!


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