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Everyday Perspective

Day 83

You may have noticed an apple theme these past few days!

For this week my images were all taken the same day and I am spreading them out throughout the week ( I am still taking photos EVERYDAY! )

I don't claim to be a food photographer at all! I actually had to take one short food photography course when getting certified in photography and it is amazing what is involved in that field! Those photographers deserve major praise and I have the upmost respect for them. I know everyone claims to be a so called 'foodie' with Instagram's full of their dinner plates and specialty coffees, and in all fairness some are quite good. However true food photography is an art and a well developed skill.


Over the next few posts I will give a shoutout to a few food photographers I follow and think are amazing! So go check them out and show them some love!

This it isn't my field at all! I more like to eat the food than to photograph it!

I did however decide to take a photo everyday for a year! On this particular day we got a batch of apples that we felt were kind of blah. So I grabbed a frozen pie crust and some spices and decided not waste the apples but to bake them!

Discloser- I am not a food photographer! Did I mention that? Also this pie crust was a store bought crust. It was however a decent frozen brand not full of hydrogenated oils and chemicals. I felt it important you know all that! LOL

Today go check out a true food photographer

I love her style and her work!


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