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Preferred Virtual Services Branding Session

Let me introduce you to Sara! She is the face behind Preferred Virtual Services.

I had the privilege of spending time with her and photographing the women behind the business!

Sara is as sweet as she is professional.

Her business serves the Statesboro Georgia area as well as reaches out into Savannah.

Serving Savannah to Statesboro areas myself I was excited and happy to offer branding sessions in both beautiful areas!

We had fun spending time in the charming Savannah and in the Eagles Blue Boro!

Have you ever wondered what a Virtual Assistant is and what the benefit of hiring one is?

A virtual assistant can be your new best friend!

By delegating your day to day projects and administrative tasks to a virtual assistant like Preferred Virtual Services you save valuable time.

This gives you the opportunity to focus on working with your clients and being the visionary of your business!

Sara has 10+ years of experience in Real Estate.

Her niche is assisting Real Estate agents in their endeavors to scale their business and build their clientele.

She can help with services like coordinating listings and managing social media accounts.

Sara's branding session was fun and full of color and personality!

Branding sessions showcase all a person and a business have to offer. They also give a face to the one working hard behind the scenes!

If you are located in Statesboro or Savannah I absolutely recommend giving Sara a call!


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