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Black & White

You may notice I love photographing in full color! I absolutely love the way working outdoors lends to a beautiful mix of color!

However, I create a small handful of black and white images for all my clients. I do not believe in making a black and white option for every image because true black and whites are hand created and just a toggled option! (In my artistic view anyway) And I only create black and white images when I feel an image lends itself to it and I feel the need and desire to create one!

In order to create these images, I do not hit a black and button or a monochromatic button when editing. At times I will work within the adobe monochromatic option in my software and other times I manually desaturate or pull each of the colors out of an image.

I do not use a preset nor have I created one because I feel each image is different! I tweak things like the amount of contrast and shadows in the images. I tend to love to have a little extra texture and contrast in my black and white images!

Here are some examples of my black and white work. I used images that you saw in color in the last two blog posts for a recent comparison!

Stayed tunned because tomorrow on the Blog and soon on Instagram I will be holding polls on which you like better color or black and white! So be ready to come and vote for your favorites!


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