Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Go About Booking A Session??

Go to my 'Pricing Page' to select your preferred session or click the 'Book Now' on my Home Page 

-Fill out the online booking form

-I will email you back to confirm the date of your session.

-I will email you a photography contract to sign and an invoice for you to pay for your session

-Once I receive your signed contract and 1st payment towards your session you are officially scheduled! 

-When and How do we Pay?

Your session price is divided in 2 easy payments.

1.) A $50 non-refundable initial booking payment is paid by credit/debit card online. This initial payment will book your session and hold your spot in my schedule.

2.) The remaining balance is due and paid by credit/debit card online at least 48 hours before your scheduled session.

-How Long Before I Receive My Images?

We will schedule a virtual gallery reveal for you 18-30 days after your session. This reveal can take as little as 15 minutes or up to one hour depending on your needs and desire. You will watch a slideshow of your images and then have the opportunity to ask me anything related to your gallery or products you desire! You will have access to your online gallery and can download your images as soon as the reveal is over! 

-Are Printed Products Included in the Session Prices?

No, Prints are sold separately. However, during your gallery reveal I can show you samples and answer any questions you have. Most printed products arrive by mail, some I can personally deliver. Time of delivery varies depending on your order.

-Will I be able to choose which images I want?

You don't need to choose! ALL images in your gallery are yours and you can download them all! No extra fees! You also have the option to purchase professional printed products of any image in your gallery! 

-Do you offer discounts for booking more than one session?

Absolutely! Contact me about which sessions you are interested in bundling! 

 -When to Schedule my Maternity Session? 

Usually when you are around 30 weeks is a good time to photograph. Best to call to book session early in your pregnancy. 


-When to Schedule my Newborn Family Session? 

It’s best to photograph baby in the first weeks of life. Best to book your session before baby even comes. You can even bundle and book your Maternity and Newborn Session at the same time!

-What if my Baby comes much earlier or later than my due date?

No worries! Your initial payment guarantees you will not lose a space in my schedule. I can adjust need be. We will be in touch close to your due date.

-What if my baby is already here? Can we still book a session?

Yes you can still book a session. Contact me and we can talk about what would work best for you.

-What if it rains on my session day?

I offer a rain date for almost every session I schedule. Be sure to check your rain rescheduling date in your contract. If it looks like rains on your session day, I will email you a day before to confirm moving your session time or day.


-What if it rains on my rescheduled day? What if I can't reschedule?

Your initial payment guarantees you will not lose a space in my schedule. I can adjust need be. However, if it is really impossible to hold your session due to weather and you cannot reschedule your remaining balance will be returned to you.