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Branding Photography... What is it and Why Do You Need it?

What do you immediately think of when you hear the word Amazon? Nike? McDonalds? Or Walt Disney?

Did an image or reputation instantly come to your mind? Even if you personally don't do business with any these companies you probably still recognize their logo and know all about their company and products.

That is called brand recognition! And if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner that is exactly what you want! You may not want to be a big nationwide company, but you do want to make money. In order to gain that business then people need to know who you are and what you offer.

How do you that?

While I am no business expert, I do have one tip for you, branding!

In order to stand out people need to recognize you. When they see that ad or post they should be able to tell it's from you before they even read a word!

This is where branding photography comes in!

What is it?

Branding photography is a broad term that refers to professional photos that represent entrepreneurs, business owners and their business. Most times these photos have an overall theme, vibe, purpose, tone, color and style. Branding images encourage confidence and trust in you and the product or service you offer.

As a business owner you need a file of images that you can use for building your website, social media, business cards, signage and products. There are a few options available to you for obtaining these images.

-Option #1 is to use stock images from online sites or website building platforms. This can be useful when first starting out because it gives you something to use for little or no cost. It also requires little time.

However, the downside is everyone has access to these same images and uses them on their website. This includes your competitors. You can't stand out as different using the same images as everyone else nor can you show exactly who you are and what you offer. You have no control over the colors, props and style.

Best case scenario here is you can build a marketing model that gives people a very generic and general idea of your business.

-Option #2 is taking your own photos. Doing this will solve the problem of having different images, with the added benefit of being able to show your face and your products. It also can be done for little cost. This is why this is the most taken route by small business owners.

Although this option is much better than the first, it still has limitations.

With cellphones now having decent cameras the lack of a camera isn't the issue. Even buying a tripod isn't hard. But how about knowledge of file size, print quality, good lighting and posing? I am just going to say it, and don't be upset with me, but selfies and high angled photos are not professional. Customers don't care how slim you look. They only care about working with real people and getting professional customer service. Poorly lit photos of your products also sound off loud unprofessional alarms. This isn't to say you can't ever take and post your own photos, but it is helpful to have some professional level images for things like your website and printed products. Images are powerful and draw the eye and leave first impressions.

-This leaves Option #3 which is hiring a professional photographer for a banding photo session! This option is specialized to fit you, your personality and your business. You have much more control over what the images project, their colors and style. The images will be licensed for business and marking use and sized correctly for both print and digital media! Most importantly this option lets you really showcase yourself, your services, and your products!

How to know where to start with branding photography?

The best place to start is to sit down and think about your business. Where are you in your journey? Are you just starting out or in the early stages? Maybe you have been in business awhile and need help drawing more customers? Or maybe you want to completely rebrand?

Next answer what it is you are offering. Do you offer services, products or both? What do you want customers to know? What is different about you and your business? And how do you want customers to feel when they interact with you?

Then think what your needs are as a company. Do you need a website? What will be on that website? Will you have social media? What will you mainly be posting about? Do customers know who you are? Do you have business cards?

All these questions help narrow down the focus. Together with your photographer you will determine your image's purpose. The ultimate goal is to have images that show who you are even more than what you do and what sell! Building that connection first with customers leads them to then want to find out more about your business!

Want more information about branding photos or booking your own session? Reach out today to schedule a free in person or virtual consultation! It is easy and commitment free! Take that next leap in your professional journey and show everyone what they are missing out on by not working with you!


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