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Bryant & Katie

This sweet couple was visiting from up north and wanted some southern style photos done while here, and where better than Forsyth Park in Savannah Ga!

Forsyth Park and the nearby Monterey square have the perfect vibes for some southern charm! From the trees dripping with spanish moss to the famous fountain to the trolleys and stone walkways there is no better atmosphere for creating some magic!

I had so much fun with Bryant and Katie. They were genuinely so adorable together! He talked and laughed and she looked at him with the sweetest smiles! SO cute! I smiled the whole time I was editing because you can see their cute personalities shining in each and every image! I think my favorite moment of the session was when a trolley pulled over and everyone yelled and clapped for them! The candid image I took during that moment may be my favorite image too!

Bryant was smart in planning ahead to save some Savannah memories with Katie. You don't need a special event or day to capture beautiful moments. The big days in our life like weddings and the birth of children are tent poles in our life, but its all the little moments in-between that woven together make the fabric of our tent called life! Don't forget those moments too! Start planning your special session today!



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