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Engagement Session

This was a surprise proposal session turned engagement session!

Adam contacted me with his amazing news that he met his life mate Vernoica and was popping the question! He decided a trip to Savannah Georgia and a photographer was the way to go for this big life moment!

I may be biased but I 1000% agree that Savannah and a photographer are always a good idea! So, we ahead and made a plan! These surprise proposal pans always look something similar to a decoy date and me hiding in the bushes or pretending to be a tourist! But unfortunately, one thing neither of us could control was the weather on his proposal day!

So ya, it literally poured buckets that day and this poor guy couldn't keep this secret any longer! He planned for so long and the time was right, so they had their moment and it included her saying yes!!! I met them the next day (both were glowing with happiness) and we took a stroll through historic downtown including a stop in their now favorite square and we captured these moments below!

If you are planning a surprise question pop or recently just gave a ring or got a ring, then it's time for some photos!!! Fill out a booking form and I will be here to help you along the way!

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