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Fall Family Session

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

There is probably not a prettier place on the planet to spend the day with your fur babies! Thankfully Wormsloe allows leashed dogs. This means pup parents can also enjoy the whimsical vibes that are floating in the air here! Speaking of the air, it is starting to cool down. If nature had a thermostat I think we all would have dialed it a little cooler for this session, but the cool air is coming! Georgia just has its own time table for fall.

Marshall & Kelly

These two are the proud parents to Oakley and Zoey! Marshall and Kelly rescued them as puppies, which automatically makes me like this sweet couple even more! They have a close bond with the pups and you can tell they all have fun together. I get excited when there are furry family members because they bring so much personality to sessions. Even though it take dogs some time to warm up to the big camera, I love capturing the fun and sweet moments they bring! I also had the privilege to meet Marshall's parents who were visiting and even had them hop in a few images!

If you want to capture family moments among the magical trees now is the best time of year to book! The fall weather may take a little longer to come but once it gets here it lasts longer too!


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Sara Alston
Sara Alston
15 באוק׳ 2021

What an adorable family!

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