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Family Anniversary Shoot

This couple was celebrating in a big way and decided to take a trip to their favorite city of Savannah GA and bring their family to enjoy it with them. An afternoon in Forsyth Park is always a good idea but an even better one when you add family, photos and champagne!

I took a stroll through Forsyth Park with this beautiful family. Although we are in the south, we are not immune to a day of real winter weather. This couple got to experience that firsthand. While a good chunk of the county had a blizzard, Savannah was noticeably warmer with 40 and 50 degrees. However, for us southerners that hits to the bones! This couple braved the windy cool day and made some lovely memories to celebrate their anniversary! Just scroll down to see for yourself how beautiful they came out!

I would love to talk to you about planning your very own session!

Let's chat soon! Here is my information.


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