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Headshot Session for a Local Businessman

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of business, a strong professional image plays a pivotal role in making a lasting impression. I recently had the privilege of capturing Mr. Frank Arena, the owner behind an exciting upcoming local business. The experience was a journey that allowed me to showcase his unique qualities and convey his confidence and professionalism. Join me as I share the story and images behind this session.

From the moment I met with Frank I could sense his ambition and determination. Before the session, we engaged in conversation to understand his professional goals, target audience, and the image he wanted to project. This initial connection enabled me to tailor the session specifically to his needs.

Choosing the right location for a headshot session is also important. Since he is working closely with The Business Innovation Group at Georgia Southern University we had the help of the amazing Mrs. Catherine Blake who suggested a building on campus. I decided on a blend of outdoor and indoor settings that reflected the industry and personality.

Creating a comfortable environment is important for capturing authentic headshots, however it isn't easy when I have a camera in someones face! I try my best to help ones feel at ease, by listening, joking and allowing a clients true character to shine through. By blending natural, candid moments with structured poses, we created a diverse range of headshots that captured his multifaceted personality.

It was an honor to play a role in someone's professional image. Please be sure to watch out for Mr. Frank as he embarks on his amazing journey! And be sure to look up The Business Innovation Group at GSU! They are an amazing resource for local businesses in the Statesboro Georgia area and beyond!


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