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How To Elope In Savannah Georgia

Updated: Feb 21

I know many may still think elopement = a romantic runaway with no planning! But that is what elopements used to be. They are so much more now!

couple kissing under the trees in Savannah Georgia
Savannah Georgia Elopement

Elopements are for couples who want to celebrate their love in an intimate way. They can be a lot of fun, super special, gorgeous and less fuss!

But they still need to be legal and require some planning. So let's talk about how to plan your elopement in the Historic Savannah Georgia!

Savannah, with its cobblestone streets, historic mansions, and picturesque parks, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic elopement. If you're considering eloping in this enchanting city, you won't be disappointed! Let's go through so questions below.

1. Choose the Perfect Date

The first step in planning your Savannah elopement is choosing the perfect date. Due to the Southern sunshine you can plan on eloping year round. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

One is that we are VERY hot and humid in the summer. July and August will be especially sticky. So be sure to keep this in mind when considering any summer plans.

Another thing to factor in is that Savannah is home to one of largest St. Patricks Day Festivals in the Country. Meaning all the hotels and Inns are booked the week of St. Patty's day. They usually book up months or even a year in advance. Prices are also the most expensive around this week. There are also lots of parades and festivies blocking roads and filling squares. All the fountains in the downtown area are dyed green for the month of March and lots of green flags fly! So unless you are down for a green, Irish themed elopement I suggest planning for another week!

Here is a link to Savannah's St. Patricks Day Plans for you to review.

2. Secure Your Marriage License

Before you can elope in Savannah, you'll need to obtain a valid Georgia marriage license. To be married in Savannah you can apply for a marriage license in Chatham county since this is where your marriage will be performed. Both parties must appear in person at the Chatham County Probate Court. You'll need valid ID, such as a driver's license or passport, and a fee of $66.00 is required. There is no waiting period in Georgia, so you can get your license and marry on the same day. If you don't live in the state of Georgia, it's no promblem!

Here is a link to the Chatham County Probate Court for more information and to apply!

3. Find the Perfect Venue

What makes Savannah a beautiful place for eloping is the wide range of enchanting backdrops for your ceremony. Some popular options include:

- Forsyth Park: This famous park features a historic fountain, and towering oak trees draped with spanish moss, providing a stunning natural setting for your ceremony.

Couple walking down the aisle after their wedding in Savannah Georgia
Historic Inn Elopement

- Historic Squares: Savannah's historic squares are scattered throughout the city, each with its own unique charm. You are allowed to get married in any of these squares in the historic district except for Ellis Square!

- Historic Inns: Many of Savannah's historic inns and bed-and-breakfasts offer elopement packages, providing an intimate and cozy atmosphere and privacy for your special day.

4. Do I Need A Permit

One of the big questions for elopements is - Do I need to get a permit to get married in a park or square? What makes Savannah such a great place to elope is the cities 'first-come, first-serve' rule for the squares! Meaning if your vision for your day is just you two and maybe a couple people you don't need a permit! This is a great way to save money and encapsulate the charm of the city!

If you want to ensure no one else can be in the square during your ceremony or if you want to set up chairs or decor in a square you will need a get a permit or to reserve a square. Find out more here!

5. Hire an Officiant

In Georgia, judges, justices of the peace, licensed or ordained ministers, clergymen, pastors and other religious leaders can all perform marriage ceremonies. You will also need at least two witnesses who are at least 18 years old. ( Your photographer can be a witness as well )

6. Choose Your Photographer

Of course you know I am happy to help here! I usually like to schedule a zoom or phone call to chat about your vision to see if we are a good fit! If needed I can refer you to another amazing photographer. But if we are a good fit I have a few elopement package options for my couples! You can pick which fits your needs best! Check the packages out here.

And bonus I am a certified bridal consultant! So I am here to help with picking and planning locations, vendor suggestions, timelines and even buying your wedding dress!

Eloping in Savannah, Georgia, allows you to experience the charm and romance of this historic city in an intimate and meaningful way. So, embrace the beauty of Savannah and let your love story shine in this enchanting Southern city.

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