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Jessica's Gorgeous Family Session

When you are wanting all the vibes of Savannah's trees and magical air you head Downtown to Forsyth Park! The magic of Savannah's trees is not limited to the Spanish moss either. Some of the beautiful old live oaks reach down low enough to play on! Yes that's right I let my clients play in the trees! In fact I recommend it!

Jessica and her husband, brother, and parents all came to Savannah to make some family memories printable! They were absolutely a pleasure to work with! They were as equally fun as they were stunning! Its clear they all have a deep love and respect for each other. They are a beautiful family inside and out and watching them interact and capturing it all was my great privilege!

Check out some of their amazing moments below.

If you want to preserve some of your own special moments head over here and lets get you started! Book My Family Memories Now



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