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Savannah Spring Family Session

Marshall, Kelly, Okley and Zoey rocked their spring photo shoot!

I was so happy to see these 4 again! I had the privilege to meet them for the first time for fall photos. When they reached out about spring photos, I was so excited to work with them again!

Marshall and Kelly are sweet people and fabulous pup parents! They are good humans who rescued their babies! They take such good care of them, love them and these pooches love them right back.

Okley and Zoey each have their own awesome personalities. I try my best to capture all 4 of their personalities in the photos. Of course, Marshall and Kelly help me with the pups because they know just what to say to get those adorable pup faces!

Thank you Marshall and Kelly for reaching out again and thank you Zoey and Okley for giving me my dog fix for the week!

If you have fur babies don't forget to include them in the photos!


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