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I had a blast celebrating with this young lady!

She is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD to us locals. Her degree has her working on and in some pretty cool places. One place she worked for while living in Savannah was the Davenport House Muesum. It was only natural then for her session to take place at this historic home she made her own home for so many years.

We also took a stroll down Broughton Street to the famous SCAD theater. As a SCAD grad it was only appropriate to pose in front of some of SCADs buildings. The beauty of Savannah is we can get a total urban vibe and then turn the corner to be in a beautiful nature filled park!

This girl rocked her hot summer Savannah session! Huge congratulations to Julya and all the recent SCAD Grads!

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