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Kalyse & Nathan Maternity Session

I had the privilege to meet and photograph this sweet growing family!

Kalyse & Nathan brought along with them the cutest big sister and the three of them celebrated this new life together! They were all naturals behind the camera and mama was absolutely glowing! I enjoyed watching the sweet bond between big sister and the baby belly. There is something so special about the unborn life that connects all three of them and capturing those memories was my honor.

We spent the late afternoon underneath a majestic tree on the property of Twin Oaks Vineyard. The vibes were just perfect and gave the perfect backdrop for maternity photos. Of course, this family stole the show with their love and connection to baby. However, this property in Statesboro shines and allows for some truly beautiful scenery for any session.

If you are interested in a session at Twin Oaks Vineyard in Statesboro, send me an email at and we can start planning your memories today!

Huge congratulations to this sweet family on their new baby boy! Congrats Kalyse & Nathan!

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