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Statesboro Surprise Proposal

Life gives us a few big moments and proposing is definitely one of them!

I feel so honored that my work gives me the opportunity to witness people's big moments!

Michael pulled off an incredible surprise proposal for Kayden! I mean he totally nailed it! A little help from his mother-in-law to be and myself and he pulled out some amazing moments!

He does deserve all the credit! From picking the spot to getting the perfect ring and planning post engagement wedding plans this guy has one happy fiancé! It was a surprise that went well and even had bonus surprise moments! After the ring was on, I got to capture her reaction to his story and plans and even hugging friends who just happened to see them walking down the street!

Huge congratulations to this very sweet couple! I wish all the best for them!

If you want to plan the perfect surprise, then reach out! I am here to help, and I keep my lips sealed! I promise! Let's start planning today!


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