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What Should I Do with My Digital Images?

You received your gallery and have been scrolling through all the images on your phone and smiling!

Maybe you have emailed some to family and updated your Facebook cover image! You got all the comments and likes but is that it? What other possibilities are there for those downloaded images?

The possibilities are really endless!

Let's start with what would you like from the images? Do you want others to see these photos or are they more just for you? If you want to share, then let's start with a photo package!

Remember those days back in school when your parents bought the photo package and then you went to all your aunts, uncles and grandparents and passed those photos out?

Yup same thing! You can order photo packages right in your gallery! You can pick any number of photos in different sizes to share with your family and friends.

Photo packages are great for senior sessions and newborn sessions! Trust me we all want a photo of that senior and/or a photo of you and your new baby!

Another option for sharing photos is cards! Graduation cards, announcements, or invites! I sell graduation announcements either in your gallery or by emailing me directly! You also can download your favorite image from your gallery and upload it to your preferred printer and order cards from them!

Same with save the dates, holiday cards, baby shower invites, baby announcements, moving announcements, and so much more! Download those images and go have fun making things to mail out!

You can also purchase photo greeting cards directly from me in your gallery. These are not like the stock cards you order online. They are white acid free cardstock with your printed photo mounted on the front and opens to be blank inside and comes with white envelopes. They are 5x7 and can be framed by the recipient after they read the message! You can order individual cards or box sets of 25! They make great thank you or holiday cards because they double as gifts!

Speaking of gifts, photos make great gifts for loved ones! Prints or canvases are a beautiful way to show love! If you order gifts from your gallery, you can have the items shipped to you or individually ship items directly to your family or friends! No prices will be in the box and the items come in nice packaging!

Still stuck on which option is best? I am here to help!

Want a large statement piece? I recommend a canvas!

One large wrapped canvas or two hung next to each other make great statement pieces over a bed, sofa, or large table! Want to preview the size? Right in your gallery you can get previews of what your canvas could look like on a wall!

You can order canvases from anywhere you choose. However, I warn you not all sites are created equal! Canvases are not like announcements! The print quality really matters!

The canvases you order from your gallery are all checked by me before they are sent to the lab. The lab that creates your home decor is a professional photography lab that I work with! Your products are coming from a trusted professional. If you order from your gallery, you will see the difference!

What if I can't pick just one or two images from my gallery but still want a home decor statement piece? Or you only have a small amount of wall space? Then framed prints is the route for you!

Framed prints make beautiful gallery walls or a one nice statement piece!

Before you frame always always always mat your prints! In my opinion it gives the images a clean look and makes the image pop! How can you do this?

You can order professional quality prints in a variety of sizes right in your gallery! They will ship right to your front door! You can take those prints to a professional frame store near you!

Another option is I can mat your photos for you! If you don't see that option in your gallery, then send me an email!

You can pick the size and images you want and then I get to work! I will mail you out matted prints and all you have to do is place them in a frame!

But what if you have no wall space?

Believe it or not I still recommend ordering matted prints from me! Why?

Because the mat elevates the photos and keeps them safe. A nice box of small matted prints on your coffee table for friends to flip through feel so high end at a reasonable cost! It also showcases your images in such a beautiful way! You can also place one or two of those matted prints on a bookshelf and rotate them out to keep things fresh! Or maybe down the road you decide you want to frame one. Well, they will be all ready to go!

A box of matted prints is perfect for family, engagement, and senior sessions! They make beautiful home decor and a great way to showcase images with very little space!

Still need help deciding? Or don't see exactly what you were looking for in your gallery?

No problem! My job doesn't end with gallery delivery! I am here to help! Your gallery store is professional and there for your convenience, but it isn't your only option! You can request a FREE print consultation with me! We will zoom and drink wine or coffee and talk about which options are best for you and can even place an order together!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or special requests!

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