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Newborn Session Guide 

Baby Clothing

Outdoor Family Newborn Lifestyle Sessions and What to Expect

In my newborn family sessions, I try to capture your bond with baby.

I mainly focus mostly on mom, dad and baby!

Of course, I do some photos of baby alone, but your family connections will be the star of the show!

Outdoor Sessions:

Did you know South Georgia weather actually lends itself to outdoor sessions?
Warmth helps baby feel comfortable. For indoor sessions we like the home around 80 degrees, so Georgia does all the work for us keeping baby warm! That being said, I keep your baby in the shade during your session! No direct sunlight! 

What to Expect: 
When you show up to your session we will meet and walk to desired area for photos. 
Then we are going to get settled and ready. This includes changing diapers and feeding baby if needed. I have a portable changing station, so no worries! We will take a few minutes to chat and breathe before the photos! This will be a no rush no stress zone! At the same time expect the unexpected! Working with newborns and children sometimes leads to amazing chaos! Don't worry that chaos photographs well! We love the unexpected moments!  

Baby Led:
Did you know many popular studio newborn poses are actually 2 photos merged together? Or edited in a way to remove the actual scene? 
Rather than studio type photography your session will be a baby led lifestyle session. Meaning it will be more natural poses that your baby feels comfortable in! 
Baby will let us know if they are uncomfortable or hungry and I will follow their lead.
This means if baby is asleep upon arrival, I won't be asking you to undress baby.  On the other hand, if baby needs a diaper change during the session it becomes a good time to get those skin filled photos or change an outfit. In fact, I am going to want to photograph handing baby! Those are the real moments! 

A lot of posing will be your family snuggling together, standing and sitting together. I adjust or direct you, but you don't need to worry about being a model or getting things just right. I am more about the natural moments! 

I am not a huge prop fan, but I do offer a few items for you! 

Props I Offer: 
-Newborn Sized Onesies (colors-light tan & gray. made with organic cotton)
-Handmade Bump Blankets (colors-
tan or blue- these are added as cute padding, baby never directly touches them)
-Muslin Swaddle Blankets (colors-white, 
gray, tan, sage, blush & mint. made with organic cotton & bamboo)
-Baby Changing/Moses Basket (CPSC compliant with a foam pad for comfort & cotton cover)
-Blankets for Family Sitting Poses (colors-solid off white or white and grey checkered pattern) 
-Handheld Basket (color -dark tan/gray - This is NOT for baby! for picnics or flowers etc...) 
-Fresh Flowers - (local flowers, color depends on session & season - additional cost of $45)
Props You Can Bring:
-Moses Basket
-If you have another prop request let me know

What to Wear:

Newborn Baby:

I recommend putting baby in a clean, well fitting, solid color onesie.

If onesie is too big or too small, it doesn't photograph well. 

Have 2 other clean onesies ready for just in case


Some babies have more hair than others. Please do what you feel looks best for your baby. I recommend having a brush handy for touch ups since we will be changing outfits and blankets. 

Hats & Bows:

I recommend well-fitting bows or hats in neutral colors. Too big and it will be in baby's face. The constant adjusting of bows or hats usually upsets babies. If they are too tight, they look funny and hurt baby. Side note, large bows can look quickly look outdated. Simple is always best. 


Please put baby in a clean diaper just before session. Have handy a couple extra clean diapers. Baby usually needs them!

Diapers with little writing or characters on them photography best. (But don't worry too much about that) 


Neutral colors! Whites, creams, and grays allow baby to be the star and look good no matter their skin tone! 

Special Outfits & Blankets:

Those cute, monogramed outfits or blankets with baby's name are so special but often don't photograph well. Solid colors or simple patterns are best. If you have something special just let me know ahead of time.


Toy and Onesie



Pick something you feel comfortable and confident in. Something you can move freely in and breastfeed in need be.

Ideas: Dresses, pretty top with shorts or skirt, button up or easy access top for breastfeeding

Recommended Sites: 

Baltic Born Clothing 

Clothing Store

Self Conscious Concerns: 

Flattering the Arms: Try three quarter length sleeves & jackets Avoid-thin straps, small cap sleeves or sleeveless

Flattering the Body: Skirts, dresses & jumpsuits that hit right at or just above the knee or just at or above ankle

Avoid: too tight or too flowy dresses or tops. Too tight creates unwanted bumps, and too flowy makes you appear larger than you are. Avoid jumpsuits, skirts, or dresses that end mid-calf. Mid-calf creates the illusion you are bigger than you are. 


Choosing well-fitting undergarments is important!

Undergarments that are too tight will give your body unwanted bumps, and lines. If too loose they tend to slip around and can be seen. However, if you are breastfeeding wear undergarments for feeding baby

And ladies this is our little secret, but shapewear can be a girl's best friend as long as it fits correctly 

Undergarments color should not be seen through your clothing choice. 


Shoes you can safely hold baby and walk in 

You can be barefoot for sessions just bring a pair of safe, easy slip-on footwear for in-between photos


Hats add great versatility to your session. Feel free to bring one or two with you! Please just don't wear the hat to the session.

This way we can do some photos before any hat hair happens.

Hair & Make up: 

Simple makeup, hair, and nail polish photograph best. However, do yourself up in a way that makes you feel good. 


I personally recommend neutral colors.

Example: whites, beiges, tans, grays, periwinkle, sage green and light blush.


Solids, small to medium florals or polka dots and simple or boho lace.



Pick something you feel comfortable and confident in. Something that shows your personality and goes well with moms outfit.

Ideas: Dress Shirt, Polo Shirt, Solid Tee, Bare Chest, Medium to Dark Washed Jeans, Khaki Pants or Shorts.


Professional Uniforms can add a lot of personality and emotion to your session. If you want to wear a uniform, I recommend having another outfit or shirt to change into for more variety in the photos.


Shoes you can safely hold baby and walk in. You can be barefoot for sessions just bring a pair of safe, easy slip-on footwear for in-between photos


Feel free to bring one with you! Please just don't wear the hat to the session. This way we can do some photos before any hat hair happens.


Style your hair as you normally would. For a natural look have a haircut about a week before scheduled photo session.

Facial Hair:

Any facial hair should be trimmed up and styled as normal. For a natural look no major trimming right before the photo session

Mens Clothing Boutique


I personally recommend neutral colors.

Example: whites, beiges, tans, grays, navy, and black

Having one much darker or lighter color in your outfit than Moms makes a great statement.

Example: If mom is wearing a light tan dress, Dad could wear a dark brown or navy shirt. Or if Mom is wearing a white dress Dad could wear a white shirt with jeans


Solids, textures, (Example: denims) small to medium patterns

Think opposite of Mom 

Example: mom is wearing a plain solid color dress, adding denim to your outfit will add texture to your overall look. 

Siblings & Children

Siblings & Children:

Pick something, they will be comfortable in. If children are uncomfortable, it will be hard for them to look happy in photos.

Ideas: Solid tees, shorts, jeans, and dresses


Any shoe choice is fine, just sure they are safe for children to play in

If you want children to be barefoot, please bring slippers or sandals for them to wear for walking and/or in between photos.


Hats are cute, but at times hide adorable faces. Please bring one with you rather than having child wear it to the sessionThis way we can do photos without the hat first. 


Children's hair should be done so they aren't uncomfortable during the session. Remember children will run and play during the session. 


I personally recommend neutral colors, just like Mom and Dad's.


Solids, or small to medium patterns.

Baby Clothes

For The Whole Family:

What Not to Wear

No logos, words, shiny or metallic material, no widely mixed patterns (example: stripes w/ florals) or very bright bold colors.

No large buttons or characters on children's clothing.


Overall, don't overthink it! Don't worry about perfectly matching but rather think of blending together.

Rather than thinking "does this match?" think "does this go?"

Remember to just be mindful of things like the weather, temperature, and photo session location. We don't want any overheating, freezing or tripping! 

If in doubt ask me! I am here to help! 

Other Considerations & FAQs:

For my mamas that are breastfeeding please don't worry about the need to feed during your session. Bring a cover for yourself and I will help you find a private area. Feeding during the session doesn't bother me at all. Don't feel rushed either because I won't be waiting for you and watching. I will give you space and work on something else while you feed. 

Breastfeeding Photos: 
You do NOT have to include breastfeeding in your photos! However, if you would like breasting photos, please let me know. I believe breastfeeding is beautiful, natural and is a manifestation of a mother's love, strength and connection that deserves to be showcased. 
If you chose to have breastfeeding photographed, we will find an area with privacy that you feel comfortable in. We will photograph when baby needs to feed so the moment is authentic. No nipples will be photographed. All images will reflect modesty and showcase the connection between mom and baby. 

Naked Photos: 
I never photograph completely naked human beings whether it be adults or newborns! All photos will reflect modesty and keep sensitive areas covered. There are plenty of other ways to show off that newborn skin without being completely exposed! 

Newborn Handling: I mostly let my moms and dads handle baby. However, I have taken newborn safety courses, and literally have handled hundreds of newborns. I mainly swaddle baby, adjust baby in your arms or in basket but ONLY if you are comfortable with it. 

What if Baby Throws Up or Uses Bathroom during Session?
No worries! They do that and I have been peed and pooped on before! Its ok! Thats why I suggest just bringing an extra change of clothes and diapers! 

Stress Free Zone! 
Truly try not to stress! Be in the moment and enjoy your baby and family and let me do the major work of capturing it! 

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